Art Without Waste

Showcases a collection of 500 works from artists, designers, and illustrators recognized in the international arts and graphic design industry. 

Matter! Gallery

Features work by Pacific Northwest artists working with recycled and reclaimed materials creating sculpture, garden art, furniture, lighting, jewelry, and paintings. 

Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (GNSI)

Membership is available for persons or organizations having an appreciation and interest in furthering objectives for enhancing and diffusing knowledge about illustration for the sciences. GNSI Illustrators offer workshops designed to familiarize students with a variety of methods and materials used in natural science illustration.

Grates Cove Studios

Grates Cove Studios offers artists, dry stone wall enthusiasts, travelers and food lovers the opportunity to create, to eat and to explore during their time in the historic town of Grates Cove, Newfoundland, along the Baccalieu Trail.

ReVision - the Art of Recycling

Revision's Creekside Exhibit will be taking a year off in 2013 to refresh and revitalize.